Sunday, Bloody Sunday

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

Sundays annoy me. Everything that actually opens, closes ridiculously early, and it’s all based on this religious belief that according to some deity, they’ve got to take it easy that day. Easter Sunday is the worst of them, though. A lot of places that would normally be open on a Sunday are closed. Shit, the restaurant I live behind has been closed all weekend. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Birmingham. I suppose none of it matters, though. The only place I’ll need to go is the gas station around the corner and itĀ never closes. I like a business like that. The convenience store that is conveniently always ready and waiting to help me with my energy drink and cigarette needs.

Every Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel and IHOP are packed today. Early morning churchgoers having their EasterĀ feasts. Splashes of pastel colors and big hats dominate American restaurants’ dining rooms. Everyone that goes to church, goes to church on Easter. Along with Christmas Eve, it’s one of the few days that pretty much the entire congregation will show up. I remember as a kid I was forced to participate in the sunrise service we did every year. I hated waking up early for anything, especially church. Even at a young age, I had my skepticisms. I never could sink my teeth into the whole “resurrection” story, or any of the others for that matter.

What always confused me the most about Easter was the Easter Bunny. Where in the hell did that come from? It’s certainly not mentioned in the Bible. I do enjoy the South Park interpretation of it, though. It’s just something else to get us to spend money; money spent on Easter Bunny pictures, Easter baskets, candy and toys. I feel like the ones getting all the presents probably have absolutely no idea what the actual holiday is supposed to be about, which makes it that much more pointless.I sit and wonder why we do all of these things, and the best reason I can get out of anyone is “That’s what the bible says.” As if that’s supposed to mean something. There were holy books before and after The Bible. What makes any of those less true? Absolutely nothing. Every holy book is just a collection of stories created to explain human existence and keep social control, nothing more, and yet 77% of Americans practice the Christian religion.

This is the America we live in. A broken society, centered around a an idea that we owe our lives to this invisibleĀ narcissistic deity. Beyond that, we treat the worship of this deity as a social event. Everyone dresses up in their “Sunday best” and goes down to their place of worship to gossip and show off their status. That’s what religion is all about: status. Politicians use it to get elected and special interest groups use it against people they don’t like. People judge you by how you practice your religion, whether it be by your attendance to religious functions or how you practice in daily life. You’re judged by the “sins” you commit whether you’re a believer or not. This is why I despise the infestation of religion into American society.

My only hope is that someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) the people of this country will wake up to the fact that they believe in fairy tales. I dream of a day where religious bias is out of our laws and true reasoning and logic prevail. A world without the consumerism surrounding religious holidays would be nice as well, but let’s not get our hopes up. That part of America is deeply rooted, even more so than religion. Regardless, I will enjoy this quiet day and ignore the fact that it’s based on a holiday that I loathe, if only to defy the idea behind it.